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Happy Tails!!! Adopted Animals - Page 3
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brownie adopted


King, Daisy & Betsy
king daisy betsy adopted


Genie & Ted
labs ted adopted


buddy adopted


Peanut Peanut adopted


Upton (formerly Snickers, see below)
Peanut Peanut adopted


Lady adopted


Pumpkin, Samson, Delilah, Rusty
pumpkin samson delilah
rusty adopted


jeanie adopted


Toby (formerly Rocky, now in his new home)
rocky-toby rosy adopted

Just thought I'd give you a little update on Toby. He is doing beautifully and growing so fast. OMG! I can't believe how big he is. Our vet says he is going to be a big boy! He just had the last of his shots for a while and will be neutered in a couple of months.

Here are a couple of pictures that were taken a week ago. As you can see he is almost as big as our boxer, though she is a small boxer. But still, at 4 months, Toby is huge!

He has begun counter surfing and digging in the yard. He likes to get into the tub while we are trying to shower! There must me some lab in there somewhere (my husband keeps hoping, anyway). In my opinion, he is mostly hound with possibly some ridgeback. Even the vet isn't too sure. We'll probably never really know. He still loves to chase the cat and chew on Abby. Her poor face is finally healing. His little teeth were soooooo sharp!

Obedience training is going pretty well, especially since he loves treats. Housetraining was a breeze. It only took about a week before he stopped having accidents in the house. I think the crate training helped that a lot. We also put a doggy door in the slider to the patio because we were letting him out so often. He love to go racing through there when we let the cat out the other door. He has a very deep bark that he uses on the UPS man, but then he runs and hides. It's pretty comical, really. We sometimes forget he is a puppy because of his size, but he really is still a big baby. He lays across both Mike's and my laps and loves the attention and climbs on the furniture like a mountain goat. He won't be able to do that much longer. He still isn't quite sleeping through the night. He wakes us about 3:30 to go out and he is very persistant! He manages to wait all night about once a week.

Anyway, here are the pictures. He is a lot of work but we love him and are enjoying his antics (most of them)!

Mike & Kyla

Hi Holly,

Thought I would check in and let you know that Toby (aka Rocky) is doing great. He is very active and loves to play with our other dog. She has had to put him in his place, however, more than once. He now weights 56 pounds and still wants to sit in our laps. He will climb up on us in our recliners. Mike is a big guy and can handle it, but he is getting too heavy for me. He is a joy when he is being good, but is very stubborn. He loves his cookies though and will come running when asked if he wants one.

rocky rocky adopted


Harry & Rosy
harry rosy adopted


Gypsy adopted


margo adopted

margo margo


scooter adopted


emmitt adopted


Rose & Daisy
rose daisy adopted


Lulu, Snickers, Sam, Whitey, & Herman
lulu snickers sam
whitey scooter adopted


sue adopted


bonnie adopted


Jackson, Jones, Jeeter, Jensen and Johnson and our sisters Betty and Barbara
pup pup pup
pup pup pup
pup adopted


chipper adopted

cookie adopted

nutmeg adopted

lucky adopted


stormy stormy adopted

hazel hazel adopted

cupcake cupcake adopted

stella stella adopted

bruiser adopted

precious precious adopted


gracie gracie adopted





fred fred adopted










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