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Becall adopted


Pepper adopted


Your Girl
Yourgirl adopted

Hi Monica,
I thought I would share a laugh for you today..So here is how I woke up this morning. Your little girl brought her big floppy toy on the bed and dropped it on my head. Then she found the squeeker and squeeked it right in my ear. :) She is sooooooo smart Monica!!!!!! We went out with her friends this morning and she played and swam and chased sticks into the water. She had a great morning. She has adapted so well to all the dogs she lives with. Last week for 2 days she was in a pack of 15 dogs of all sizes, big huge dogs, tiny dogs...and she gets along well with them all. She is really happy. She loves loves loves to can just see the joy in her. It gives me so much joy as well.
Jay T.


Clyde adopted

Hi Elaine,
I just wanted to let you know that Clyde is settling in nicely! We've been going to the park everyday and he loves taking rides in the car! He's a very happy boy! So far everyone who has met him loves him! Well, just wanted to let you know he is doing well! If you want to see a little video I made, this is from his first night after we gave him a bath. It's short, under 2min. He's playing with a chew toy in his new bed, and then he falls asleep. Then you see our cat walk very slowly around him, never taking his eyes off him. It's very cute! You can see it by visiting:


Simon adopted

Simon with his little brother and sister


Tanzie adopted

Thanks! We love Tanzie so much! We have started puppy school, and she is learning so quickly. She is darn near housebroken, knows basic commands, and can fetch a tennis ball better than most adult dogs. She is still learning not to chase the cat though!


Buddy adopted

Buddy was found in the woods alone as a puppy. After 2 foster homes and after growing rapidly to 90 pounds his forever home was finally found when he was 10 month's old. And who else was his forever home but another Humane Society volunteer who fell in love with that face.


Rebel Rebel adopted

Hi Lisa-
Hope you are doing well.
I wanted to shoot you a quick email and let you know how Rebel is doing. Rebel is doing great! He is now 17 lbs! It's amazing how quickly they grow. He has been going to a puppy play group 3 times a week and absolutely loves it. All of the women at the playgroup are obsessed with him. They actually used his picture on their big flat screen TV when you first walk in! House training is going pretty well. He is pretty good at letting us know when he has to go. The only problem we have is with two particular blankets of his. As soon as they are on the floor and we turn our backs he potty's on them. We are going to try to make him eat his dinner on them over the next couple of days so he starts to associate the blankets with "kitchen" instead of bathroom (got this trick from the book My Smart Puppy that you suggested). The chewing has also not been too bad. Remarkably he does not chew his bedding. The only thing that he chewed up (that he shouldn't have) so far was a basket. He has tons of toys though so they seem to be good chewing supplements for him. Every Friday, my sister in law has been bringing over her Black Lab and they play for a few hours. He is always so tuckered out after. He is such a happy boy and really starting to become independent. Our little puppy now has the "teenage" phase J He knows sit and we are working on stay. He begins Kindergarten in two weeks. He is also a great puppy kisser. He is constantly giving kisses to everyone- which of course warms everyone's hearts. Thanks again for everything- we are head over heels for him and love him so much
Brianna P.


Hope adopted

Hope is well. She is enjoying playing with our other dog who is enjoying having a puppy to play with. The kids are great with her & my parents already brought her a big bag of toys over for their newest "granddog". She has made herself at home. :-)


Simon adopted


Dakota Dakota adopted

Hi Lisa,
Skylar is doing great. She was shy the 1st night but the following morning, and since, she's been ready to play! We love her! Thanks again for pairing us up :-)


Dakota adopted


Sassy adopted


Daisy (Paws in Prison)
Daisy adopted


Iris (Paws in Prison)
Iris adopted


Sage adopted


Samson adopted


Aspen (Paws in Prison)
Aspen adopted


Honey Honey adopted

Honey arrived safely in NH just today and her new family is thrilled. Susan they have 3 children too. The children love her, she loves them. A happy tail.


Lakota (formerly Sam)
Lakota Lakota Sam adopted

Hello, Vicky, Holly and Liz,
Here are pictures of Lakota and his new buddy, Toby. Toby is 7 months old and they hang out all day. We go for walks and he bounces around like a happy puppy with not a care in the world. His nose hits the ground like he's a vacuum cleaner. His buddy, toby, who is my roommate's dog, and Lakota wrestle. It's so funny. toby is a bigger puppy, but that doesn't seem to matter. Lakota grabs his cheeks and twists and turns, but it doesn't seem to phase Toby. They are like two peas in a pod. Lakota is a sweet obedient puppy. I can have him off leash a lot of times because he comes when I say come. He loves meeting other puppies and is very shy around older dogs. It's like he respects them. I can't tell you what a delight and blessing Lakota has been. He follows me around like I'm his momma and he loves to cuddle. I stroke his back and do little massages. My roommate rubs his tummy and he shamelessly bares all. I pray that all the pups that come through your wonderful and caring facility, get adopted to great homes. You are doing such great work in helping these dogs to get off the streets and finding good homes. Thank you for Lakota and thank you for allowing me the priviledge of being his guardian.


Claire & Chloe
Luna adopted

Thank you for taking such good care of our girls. We will be taking them to the vet very soon. They seem well adjusted to living here already. Here they are in my home office playing with a toy. We have a 3 story house and they're not used to stairs, but they can now climb up them, we still carry them down though. I'll e-mail you again once they have their vet visit. Thank you again!
Karen & John B.


Scout adopted

Hi this is Jessica and I just wanted to let you know how Scout is doing. We have had him a week and everyone is deeply in love with him!!! He is such a good dog and very smart. He learns really fast, to bad not to fast on the pottying outside, but that takes time. He is in Seventh Heaven with all the toys and attention he is getting. I brought him to the vets on Thursday and they say that he is very health. I was able to get him his heartgaurd meds and everything is all good. He is now registered with the Town of Barre and we did keep the name Scout, it just seemed to fit him. The first couple of days he wouldn't sleep in the same room with us except at night when we would bring him into our room, now he jumps on the couch and sleeps right next to us. He is very happy puppy!! He gets along with the next door neighbors dogs and he still not sure about our cats, he likes to bark at them so they are pretty skittish right now. So again thanks for the Scout we couldn't have found a better dog then Scout!!!
Jessica and Family!


Buddy adopted


Denver (Paws in Prison)
Denver adopted


Bandit (Independent Rescue)
Bandit adopted


Luna adopted

As you can see, Luna is enjoying herself very much, and we are loving her as well:) Thank you again for your assistance through this process.
Lori & Jeff K.


Sophie (update!)
Sophie Sophie adopted

Hi Holly!
I just wanted to let you know how little Sophie is doing! She arrived safely last night...she was all curled up her in her crate when they brought her to us and would not come out. My husband had to pull her out and she hung on to him for dear life! But within seconds she warmed up to us and was very comfortable. She really is so sweet and loveable! She had a good evening exploring our house and backyard and getting to know our dog Lucy. We are all completely in love with her! I also just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all of the work that you did to bring Sophie to our family. All of the work you have done to care for her and find her a good home is quite inspiring...and the fact that you do it all the time for so many puppies and dogs is amazing!


Sabrina, Sheba,Skye, Sophie
Sabrina Sheba Skye
Sophie adopted


Sadie adopted


Pippy, Poppy, Piper
Pippy Poppy Piper adopted


Lucy adopted


Gracie (update!)
Chanal Chanal
Chanal Chanal adopted

Hi folks,
We've sent you photos of our dear Gracie already, but here are some more! We have been so blessed by this puppy; she is such a joy! She is now 19 lbs (she was 11 lbs when we got her in April), and has the most wonderful and silly personality. Thank you for rescuing this puppy that was clearly meant to be our baby!! The photo in the oval shape won as Dog Photo of the Month at our Vet's office for the month of April. The photo where she's sleeping, her ear was inside out (it's like this about half the time!). And please tell Tana we thank her for doing such a great job preparing this sweet little pup for her forever home!
Susan & Steve E.


Romeo adopted

Just sending you a recent photo of Romeo. I thought you might be able to use it for one of your success stories. He is loved, pampered and spoiled rotten. (He is the Lhasa that was being housed at Animal Hospital on Olive and has been with me now approximately 9 months.)
Vicci G


Shy (Paws in Prison)
Shy adopted


Mandy adopted


Josie (Paws in Prison)
Josie adopted


Milo adopted


Amos (Paws in Prison)
Amos adopted


Melvin adopted


Nelson Nelson Nelson adopted

Good afternoon,
Here are two pictures of Nelson. In one, he went to work with me at the veterinary clinic. All of the staff fawned over him! The other is a picture of him in his new backyard. He loves it! Sometimes he just sits there, taking in the new sounds. Other times, he runs around like an energetic puppy. Picking him up went very smoothly. Thanks to Holly and the other volunteers who helped to make this wonderful addition to our family possible.


Nixon, Narnia, Nelson, Nate, Ned
Nixon Narnia Nelson
Nate Ned adopted


Koda, Kramer, Kane, Koala
Koda Kramer Kane
Koala adopted


Sadie adopted


Tripp & Tina (Paws in Prison)
Tripp Tina adopted


Jimmy Jimmy adopted

Brian, Jimmy and I just wanted to let you know we had a great trip home! We stopped at a couple of hotels and he was great - no accidents and sleeps through the night in his crate. He's been really happy and is quickly settling in at home. He loves his new toys especially the green monster he's sleeping with in the picture. He had some fun at the beach and slept really well in the car after ;o) He's great with everyone and the kids love him (he doesn't mind all the attention either!). We really appreciate the work you do and helping families like us find puppies like Jimmy. Please also thank Tana very much from us and share the pictures with her too.
Thanks again, Brian, Kim & Jimmy


Bailey (formerly Camille)
Camille adopted

Thanks!! Camille...who is now named Bailey has fit right into the family and we absolutely adore her!!


Alfie (update!)
Alfie Alfie adopted

Arrived safe and sound. He is a sweet heart. Met my dog with no issues and is now asleep on the sofa next to me.
Thanks for taking such good care of him.
Jenn and Dean


Pepper adopted


Camille, Chanal, Coco
Camille Chanal Coco adopted


Hank, Hershey, Hugo, Hunter
Hank Hershey Hugo Hunter adopted


Cat (formerly Hazel)
Hazel Hazel adopted

She's doing well. She wants to sit in my lap all of the time. She follows me around the house or just waits for me to come back to den where her bed is. Stays there all nite. Took baby gates down so could have run of house when gone. So far, so good. Just explores little bit. Seems content/own bed. Barks good & growls when strangers over, but no bite. Let's them pet after while long as I'm around. Always glad to see me when come in. Makes me feel good and think her too. All's well thus far.


Anna adopted


Budde adopted

Hi Elaine,
Just to give you an update, things are going great with Budde. He is such a mild mannered, sweet dog! We still can't figure out why no one wanted him, he fits in real well over here. Our cat is still trying to figure him out, but that's expected. Our other dog really enjoys trying to play with him as well, and I think he's starting to warm up to her. We're teaching him a few tricks like sit and stay and plan on taking him through a six week training program. He's starting to learn how to use a dog door too, which is great for everyone involved over here.
Thanks again,


Lilly Lilly adopted


Auggie (formerly Roux)
Auggie Auggie Roux adopted

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to send another update on Roux, who I renamed Auggie - seemed to fit his personality a little better cause he is such a goofball. He is great. He has turned into a big dog, you were right! At almost 9 month he weighs over 75lbs. But he is sweet, SO sweet and such a talker! He loves to make noises, especially before dinner he does the funniest low grunts until I feed him. He is a great companion and he gets along GREAT with other dogs. Really really easy going. Hope all is well and thank you again for helping me get such a great great dog.


Gracie adopted


Felix, Fido, Finn, Fitz, Falcon, Fink, Fifi
Felix Fido Finn Fitz
Falcon Fink Fifi adopted


Cotton, BigBoy
Cotton Bigboy adopted


Chetty (update!)
Chet Chet Chet adopted


Cassie (update!)
Cassie Cassie Cassie adopted


Trane adopted


Dart adopted


Pinky adopted


Ivory (update!)
Ivory Ivory Ivory adopted

Dear Holly,
Ivory, who is now Ivy, is doing great. She is getting lots of love from our family that includes 3 kid:, 10, 7, 5 yrs. She gets lots of play time at the local dog parks in San Francisco and takes walks along the Pacific coast. Not too shabby! She weighs about 40 lbs and turns 1 yr at the end of this month, according to the AR paperwork. We've had her for only 1 month and are taking her to a vet for a well check up. The shelter that had her before our adoption continued your commitment of giving her up-to-date shots etc, so that's good. Here are a couple pix of Ivy - please know your rescue efforts are greatly appreciated. And many thanks to you and the young man for fostering her.
Kind regards,


Boomer, Fanny, Ivory
Boomer Fanny Ivory adopted


Spirit adopted


Clyde adopted


Eva Marie (update!)
Eva Eva Eva adopted

Thank you so much for doing what you do! Eva Marie, we kept her name, is doing well. She walked into our home as if she knew that it was where she was supposed to be. She has done well with our cats and she loves our children! She is so very happy, snuggly and playful, we couldn't have asked for a better pup! Please tell Emily thank you as well, she was so sweet! Thank you again,
Shevy D.


Kilo, Kasper
Kilo Kasper adopted


Bella adopted


Cooper Cooper adopted

Merry Christmas! I had been coming home to Cooper spreading soil all over the sidewalk from my flower pots and couldn't figure out why in the world he was digging in the flower pots.......until today! He's our own little (okay not so little) version of Marley! I've twice planted flowers in those pots and he has twice dug them up. I now know why! I hope you enjoy the photo! We are enjoying this big baby so much! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Nicole T.


Dexter adopted


Louise adopted


Blackie, BoyBoy
Blackie Maddie adopted


Rex Rex adopted


Tank adopted


Cassie, Cami, Chloe, Callie
Cassie Cami Chloe
Callie adopted


Lexi (formerly Addie Jo)
Lexi adopted

Happy Thanksgiving from the Demers family. We named Addie Jo Lexi. She is sooooo loved by our family. We are so Thankful for the love in your heart and willingness to share it with the animals in your care.


Duan, Derby, Dart, Duff, Darwin, Dempsey
Dugan Derby Dart
Duff Darwin Dempsey adopted


Maddie adopted


Tiny adopted

Thank you Holly!
She has filled out so much since the original pictures...she's a beauty! I look forward to meeting her and bringing her into our family next week. Thanks again for taking such good care of her. I promise you she'll be in good hands! :)


Tia Tia adopted


Mimi Mimi adopted


toni toni toni adopted

Hi Elaine,
Just an update letting you know all is well! Toni has become a very well behaved ( and very spoiled) indoor dog! She really is a terrific dog! We could not have asked for any better! Although she much prefers the couch or bed, she loves playing in the yard with Sheena ( they get along very well now that they are used to each other) She loved the snow when we had it! I am sure she will enyoy it when we get more! Hope all is well with you!
Deb N.


Beauty, Buster, Baxter, Bonnie, Beatrice, Deacon
Beauty Buster Baxter Bonnie
Beatrice Deacon adopted

I just wanted to update you on how "Beatrice" has been doing, and relay some info onto you. First, we changed her name the first week to Savahana. My 5 year old really wanted to name her. She has been awesome, and we have fallen so much in love with her. She is so good with the kids, and so sweet to everyone she meets. She is the perfect family dog, and we are so proud to have her in our family. Also, I had the vet do a wisdom panel on her DNA to determine what breed she really is...and the results were shocking, but fun to learn. Well, take care and thanks again for everything!


Molly Molly adopted


Trixie Trixie adopted


Blondie adopted


Edward (pictured before and after he was groomed and adopted)
Edward Edward adopted


Champ (formerly Bishop)
Champ Champ adopted


Elise Elise adopted


Azul (update!)
Azul Azul Azul adopted


Buster (update!)
Buster Buster adopted

Hi Lisa,
We just wanted to say thank you so much! He is such a good boy and is already fully part of the family. He already went to his first bike race and made friends at "work." He is wonderfully well adjusted to everything we've exposed him to so far. He must have had a great foster family, so please pass along our thanks.
Alli and Andy


Otto (update! - formerly Arkie)
Otto Otto Arkie


Sacha adopted


Brodie (formerly Ranger)
Brodie Ranger adopted

Hi Lisa,
Brodie (AKA Ranger) is an amazing, curious, confident, outgoing pup. He refused to close his eyes last night until last curtain call. Wanted to explore all around his new home! When we finally got him to bed around 11:30pm he crashed. Woke up around 1:30am when we got up to BR. Dennis got dressed and took him out and brought him right back to his crate next to our bed. He fussed lightly for a few moments, then slept til 6:30 am, my usual wake-up time. This pup is everything we were looking for and more. Today he has napped and played and generally acted like a normal pup. We are so thankful he arrived safe and healthy. His big brother, Brier, is a bit shell-shocked by it all but adapting amazingly well. Thanks so much for helping to facilitate his safe delivery to us. You can rest assured he will be well cared for.


Stanley adopted


Deacon adopted


Jackson Browne
Maddie Maddie adopted


Sooie adopted


Raymond, Reddy, Rover, Rosco
Raymond Reddy Rover Rosco


AddieJo, Aldo, Ally, Arkie, Avery
AddieJo Aldo Ally Arkie
Avery adopted


Emaline, Rufus, Ranger, Reagan
Emaline Rufus Ranger Reagan


Occo Occo= adopted


Olga, Olive, Ollie, Oliver, Onyx
Olga Olive Ollie Oliver
Onyx adopted


Maddie adopted


Apple adopted


Travis adopted


Iris adopted


Betty adopted


Maylin, Midnight
Maylin Midnight adopted


Lily, Lola, Louis
Lily Lola Louis adopted


Cola, Daisy, Maggie
Cola Daisy Maggie adopted


Oakley, Fiona, Franky
Oakley Fiona Franky adopted


Olive (update!)
Olive Olive adopted

Hi there,
Thought Tana would like to see this pic of Olive & know that she's doing fantastic! Great pooch!!! :-)))
Nikki E.


Larry Larry adopted


Maple (formerly Nina)
Maple Maple Nina adopted

Hi Denise and Vicki-
Last January, we adopted Nina from your organization and she was driven all the way from Arkansas to New Jersey. She was 10-12 weeks old. We changed her name to Maple. She has grown into a beautiful 30 lb member of our family. She is very playful and highly intelligent. We just wanted to thank you for what you do and for bringing her into our family.
Thank you!
Lauren I.


Rachel, Rochelle
Rachel Rochelle adopted


Riley (formerly Enzo)
Riley Riley adopted

Just thought I'd share a photo of Enzo (now called Riley). Thanks to all who helped find him a new home and united him with us. We adopted him in Mid-December and he's growing fast - up about 15 pounds already. He's still shy and cautious in new situations, but he's brought much happiness to our family. He also is loving the snow up here in the Northeast. He just hasn't realized yet that he's not quite a lap dog as the picture will show!
Thanks again!
Jean S.


Mowgli (update - formerly Khaki)
Mowgli Mowgli Mowgli adopted

Hi again Everyone,
We just had Mowgli's genetic test done (saliva based) through Wisdom Panel. We thought we would share the results with you & you can pass them along to Mowgli's mom's owner & all the littermates' owners if you wish. Obviously these tests aren't completely accurate, but it is still fun to look at. I definitely see the ridgeback & possibly golden retriever- I don't know about the Yorkshire terrier though!! Haha. Here are some attached pictures of Mowgli & his new little brother Jake who we adopted from Oregon. One photo is of Mowgli in the moving truck on November when we moved to Portland, OR from northern CA. The one with 3 dogs is when we were dog-sitting our friend's rottweiler mix at thanksgiving. The one of Mowgli & Jake is the day we adopted Jake at 6 months of age. Thank you for everything, Mowgli is the most wonderful dog! We are continuing to give him lots of exercise & PLENTY of attention:) He is a much happier dog since we adopted a little brother for him too; they like to roughhouse all day. Take care,
Adam and Chelsey


Coalie adopted


Rolly, Robin, Rosie, Ringo
Rolly Robin Rosie
Ringo adopted


Kasper & Kilo (update!)
Kasper Kasper
Kasper Kilo adopted

Hi Elaine, this is Joanna. I wanted to send you some more pics of Kilo and Kasper.
They are such good boys. They've adopted beautifully. We had a baby boy, Dylan, at the end of August. I was a bit nervous about how Kilo and Kasper were going to be towards him but they did great! They think they are still little puppies and they always want to be on the top of either my husband or me. Especially Kasper, he wants hugs and kisses ALL the time. Kilo is a little more independent :) They love snow! We had a big storm last was so much fun to watch them jump through the piles of snow! Everyone is amazed how big they are! Their vet thinks they are not done growing yet, maybe another 20 pounds or so! I left my job and have been home with the kids and the boys so they are getting They have so much energy and want to play all the time and sometimes they are very rambunctious but I can't imagine our house without them!


Reese (update!)
Reese Reese adopted

Reese is now 7 months, 48 pounds and a real sweetheart, very observant, watching everyone and everything closely…she is especially careful to keep an eye on Kit. She helped Kit learn the dog door the first week by giving her gentle ‘nose pushes’ while going in and out… We just watched in amazement. (And wish we had it on video!!)
Holly and Dave P.


Queeny adopted


Tootsie adopted


Jewel adopted


Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany adopted


Trinket adopted

Hi Vicky,
Trinket arrived a little late and in a rain storm. We got home at 2-30am. She is a gem and seems to like Pete. She is sitting on his lap and playing tugowar with rope. Thank you I think she will be well loved and we are happy she is with us.
Erin &Pete


Tina, Trinket, Tiffany, Tia
Tina Trinket Tiffany Tia adopted


Shaggy & Snoopy (Independent Rescue)
Shaggy Snoopy adopted


Miss Vicky
Vicky Vicky adopted


Ivan (update!)
Ivan Ivan Ricky adopted

Hi Vicky,
Ivan is doing wonderfully! He just went for his check-up last week and he is a very healthy and happy 80 lb. sweetheart! Incredibly smart, too - he loves 'figuring out' little puzzles - Santa will be bringing him a few more brain-teasing toys for Christmas. He loves playing ball too - he really enjoys playing soccer! Ivan also has a little adoptive sister, Tess - a lab mix, who keeps him pretty active, too :) They don't go anywhere or do anything without each other, it's the sweetest thing.
Merry Christmase & Best Wishes,


Daisy (Independent Rescue)
Daisy adopted


Friday (update! formerly Sassy)
Sassy Friday Sassy adopted

She's good. She's excited about her first Christmas. She misses you.


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