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Morgan (formerly Tellie)
Morgan Tellie adopted


Sage (formerely Chloe)
Sage Chloe adopted

We adopted a catahoula puppy from your shelter in July this year and we are sending a recent photo of Sage. We love her so much! She is such a well behaved, loving, and intelligent creature. We are so lucky to have her. Thank you for your incredible work.


Reese & Maya (formerely Clarice and Clementine)
reese maya adopted

(These two pups are sisters and were adopted to two different families in CA and in two different cities. They contacted each other and let the pups meet.)
The 'girls' had a wonderful visit. It was so nice of Maya's Mom and Pop to bring her over for a visit. The two pups took one look at each other and started playing and running. They didn't stop for 3+ hours. Second day we met at the beach where they romped in the river. We hope to keep the two in contact over the years.
Thank you again for all your help adopting these two beauties and getting them to California!


Sammy (formerly Hilton -update)
Sammy Sammy Hilton adopted

Hi Holly,
It has been a little over a year since we adopted Sammy (formerly known as Hilton). I just want to thank you again for all your hard work. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. Unfortunately he lost his big brother Otto earlier this year in February due to a failing liver. His passing was really tough for us, and Sammy's sweetness and happiness really helped us through that rough time. Since Otto's passing Sammy and his sister Suzie have become so tight. Thank you so much for saving him, and giving him a second chance at life!!!! He truly loves life and is so, so happy!!
Lesli B.


Pepper (update!)
Pepper Pepper Pepper adopted

Hi Paul and Vicki,
We hope this note finds you well! Just wanted to let you know that Pepper is still doing great and pass along some pics of some of the wacky things Californians do with their dogs. She was definetly a good sport, but in turn, received a lot of attention from the neighborhood kids. One person noted how festive her orange and black colors were--in addition to dressing up as a pumpkin, she became an 'unofficial' mascot for our home baseball team (go Giants!). We love our little baby!
All best,
Emily M.


Gatsby (formerly Ike)
Gatsby Ike adopted

My fiancee and I drove up from Houston at the end of last month to pick up Ike (we're renamed him Gatsby). I just wanted to send you/Tana pictures of him so you can see how he's coming along since I promised them. How are his sisters doing? Hope you guys are doing well!
- Iana


Ila adopted


Tucker (update!)
Tucker Tucker Tucker
Tucker adopted

I hope this email finds you all well!
I felt compelled to send this photo and a message on the anniversary of our adoption of Tucker! We all went out on a limb, you all put him on a bus heading north and we drove to meet him in New Hampshire on sheer faith. We are SO happy with Tucker!! We just could not be happier or feel luckier to have him. He has exceeded our hopes and expectations. He's loving, grateful, cuddly, playful, smart, hardworking, loyal..... He's living a wonderful life here in Maine with us, our 3 yr old daughter just loves him to bits and they have a ball! He goes on lots of walks and my husband brings him to work everyday in a farmhouse office. He snuggles but is also incredibly active. We've gained a few big holes in the yard and he has terrorized the local squirrels, but we wouldn't change a thing!! THANK YOU for the wondeful work you do. Velda and Bob, thank you for giving him a loving foster home to give him a solid foundation and comfort until we could provide a home for him!! I do hope you continue to foster dogs if you can. Jefferson County Humane Society, thank you for saving his life!!
With great appreciation and respect,
Hester M.


Dot (update! - formerly Twinkle)
Dot Dot Twinkle adopted

Thought I would send some photos and an update on (Twinkle) Dot. We love her so much, she is really sweet. I am currently attending puppy training class at our local Humane Society. Dot is doing great. I take her to a puppy play group every Sunday and she really loves that! I'll keep you up to date as time passes and Dot grows, just wanted to get a short note out to let you know how she was. Thanks for all you do for the doggies. Blessings,


Nyla (formerly Aggie - update!)
Nyla Nyla Aggie adopted

I'm sorry I havent gotten to you sooner and let you know how happy I am with Aggie, Ive named her Nyla and she has been such a good girl. I love her so much and whenever a friend comes over or I am walking her they compliment her. Shes getting big catching up with my boyfriends dog . Heres a picture I have enclosed of the two of them, they have become best friends. Thank you so much for everything and good luck with what you are doing, Im so happy with her, she was everything I expected and more. I have reccommended your society to many people!
Thanks, Claire


Mo adopted

Hi Vicky,
Just wanted to let you know that Mo is great and we love him. He has settled in quickly and seems to be having fun. He is my shadow in the horse pastures as I clean and feed and has no fear of horses. Unfortunately..he has no respect of them yet either but that will come with time as at some point he will probably get stepped on. My lab is so happy to have a play buddy. He has gone to 1 soccer game already. He was unsure of himself but the next game is in couple of days and I think he has gained alot of confidence since last week. Thank you again for your help.


Ivy adopted


Lila adopted


Tiara Tiara adopted

Everything went well, she arrived safely to us. She is making her way in the big city world but is doing great so far. Here's a pic of her on her first walk...
Thank you for everything.
Michelle & Rebekah


Ajax (now & then)
Ajax Ajax Ajax adopted

Hi Vicky, here's an updated photo of the pony. Ajax is just over 9 months old and he's pushing 95 lbs. He's gonna be a moose when he's an adult.


Moonpie (formerly Mo)
Moonpie Mo adopted

Hi there,
We adopted Mo in June and wanted to send a picture. Here is a picture of Moonpie. He is almost 6 months old and is doing beautifully. He looks like he is going to be about 25 lbs. We did a DNA test on him and he came out Shih Tzu and West Highland Terrier. He also had a dash of a couple of other breeds (airdale, Lahsa Apso and a tiny bit of shar pei) but Shih Tzu and Westie were his primary ones. He is very short and long like a Westie but he still has a beautiful brindle color. The cool thing is that apparently Shih Tzu come in brindle, so looks like mom helped there. People are always fascinated by his coloring. He takes after his father as far as coat though, he is very wirey like a Westie and he has the long nose. A great dog and Thank you again for letting us bring him into our lives.
Diane W.


Denzel adopted


Penelope (update!)
Penelope Penelope adopted

Hi Vicky,
Just sending you some pics of Penelope. She's great and a wonderful fit with the whole family. My parents love her and find her a welcome companion.
Thank you,
Mary F.


Billy Bob (update!)
Billy Billy Billy adopted

Well it has been over a year and BillyBobO has turned out to be one heck of a sweet dog!! He is obedient, loyal and loving. He also weights over 60 pounds!! (That takes up a lot of our bed space). He has a new girl friend, Molly who is 11 months old. They are so much fun.



Emily & Ester
Emily Emily Ester adopted

Hi Vicky and Holly,
Here is a photo of Emily - now named Mocha - with our three girls. As you can tell they adore her. She has fit right in with our family! She is gentle and sweet and a really wonderful puppy. We love her! Thanks again for everything. We will send pictures as she grows bigger.
Best regards,


Sara Sara adopted


Hallie, Heidi
Hallie Heidi adopted


Abby (update!)
Abby Abby Abby adopted

Hi Vicky,
I wanted to let you know I'm doing well. I love my new home and my new playmates. I have been a very good girl, I have only went pee pee in the house 3 times. I tried to tell them but they didn't know what I was saying at first. I usually go to the door and sometimes I go get my leash for them. They say I'm a very smart girl. I love to go to the beach, pond and fishing with my daddy, but I think the most fun part is getting in the water and playing with sticks. I really like the water but I hate getting a bath afterwards. I went to the vet and got the rest of my shots the other day, they said I was a beautiful girl and thought I would grow up to be a very BIG girl. Well , I guess I'll go for now, my paws are getting tired of typing.
Thank you for finding me such a loving home,


Simon adopted


Wanda adopted


Arkie (formerly Ariel)
Ariel Ariel adopted

Hi Holly,
I just wanted to touch base with you & let you know Ariel, who is now known as "Arkie", is doing great! She wasn't even scared when I picked her up from the airport, she came right out of her box wagging her tail & smiling. We got home at about 2am Friday morning & she decided this was her home right away.We've falling completely in love with this little girl & are so happy we found her. We've been telling everyone where we found her & how much she cost so hopefully some of them might adopt from you too. ($250 is a great deal considering it's almost $300 to just get a dog spayed in our area).
Thanks again!
Ashley P.


Daisy Daisy adopted


Webster, Whitley
Webster Whitley adopted


Chloe, Clementine
Chloe Clementine adopted

Hi Vicky,
We also want to thank you, Holly and your whole team for all of your time and dedication in rescuing dogs and getting them placed with their forever families. We are so happy to have Clementine (now Maya) in our life, and the fact that she came from so far away somehow makes it even more special. She's already loving life in Napa, and her easy adjustment is testament to the loving care she received with your volunteers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Alexis and Coben (and Maya!)


Sadie (update!)
Sadie Sadie Sadie adopted

So we've had Sadie for about three months. She was 40 pounds when we got her- she's now about 50. What a special dog. When she got off the transport, she came right to me and crawled into my lap- all the other people picking up animals were jealous as I heard plenty of "awe, isn't that adorable". She is adorable, super soft, very smart and happy. My wife Martha fell in love with her immediately, Sadie became an instant part of our family, quickly settled in and knew this was her house, yard and people. She barks at strangers and strange sounds around the house- a very good watch dog. I want to thank you for what you've done for Miss Sadie (and all the other animals). It takes a special kind of person to extend themselves the way you do, put your heart out there, and help these dogs. You did a great job with Sadie, I know she misses you and I'm sure you miss her. Thanks to you and the folks at the Humane Society, Sadie has a good home, is loved and well cared for, and we have a great dog and companion. Thanks Again-
Evan W. (Boston)


Sophie (update!)
Sophie Sophie Sophie adopted

Hi Audra,
Sophie is doing great we love her more and more every day. She is totally potty trained and kennel trained, she actually loves her kennel! We are still working on clipping her toenails, its not her favorite thing. She hasn't grown more than a few pounds since we got her and I'm not sure she's going to get much bigger She is still a little shy around new people but she loves going to the dog park and playing with all the other dogs and chasing crows. Oh and she told me she misses you guys too :) Thanks again!
Will and Nikki


Duke Duke adopted


Rainey Rainey adopted


Honey Honey adopted

thought you might like an up date on honey bear... she passed all tests with flying colors. doesn't bark much. great with the grand baby.very good in a car. she lives inside and has never made a mess. she loves to go trail riding with us and the horses and she's a natural. didn't even have to train her and she's a perfect trail dog. so you can all relax... she's doing great.


Drake Drake adopted

I wanted to send you some pics of our precious Drake. He has been the most perfect dog. Oh and by the way he house trained himself which just shows how smart he is. I am so thankful for our great puppy. Also, Thank you for taking such good care of him before we found him. I hope you enjoy the pics of Drake. They show is love for water and he new home.
Thank you,
Katie and Matt


Indie (formerly Diamond)
Diamond Diamond Diamond adopted

Hi everyone!
I haven't had a spare moment to write you about Diamond, she keeps me pretty busy! She is very loved here. She loves our backyard and loves to sunbathe. We took her to the dog beach today and she was a bit nervous so I held her most of the time, but about an hour later she gained confidence and said "hi" to some dogs and put her paws in the water. She is great in the car, very calm and relaxed, while she is full of spunk at our home. She feels very comfortable with us and always carries a toy around the house. She is an amazing dog and is absolutely perfect for our family. Diamond is truly a gem. Oh and we renamed her a couple days ago, she now goes by Indie and is already responding to it! She is a very bright dog and a fast learner. Thank you for giving my family the privilege of adopting her. She has brought even more joy into our home.
-The Laverty's & Indie


Lucy Lucy adopted


Stich Stich adopted


Treasure adopted


Benet adopted


Sweetness Sweetness Sweetness adopted

HI Holly!
First of all she is definitely a Sweetie, she is funny, she is such a good girl, still young and ambitious and adventurous, but very bright. She is walking well on the leash and we have enrolled her in obedient school for the summer. I have let her off leash a couple times to see, and she does listen but much like a young dog has her own agenda. She does love being around us, she follows us most the times. She likes her food and enjoys our Fresh Maine water! She sits by the door when it is time to go out...the best thing of all so far is ..She Smiles in the morning and she smiles when we get home!! Really, she really warmed up and figured out by the third day that this is her home and there is no need to fear here!.
Thank you!
Paul, Renee and Shelby


Blakely adopted


Clarice, Clyde
Clarice Clyde adopted


Stella adopted


Baze (formerly Kyle)
Kyle adopted

Things are wonderful with Baze he has made himself right at home, he is very well behave and VERY well loved by everyone who meets him. I have been looking for this dog for the past 19 years!!! he is everything i could have asked for. he was 50 # 2 weeks ago . I bring him everywhere, the motorcycle races will need some work,he does well when they ride at home but the race itself may be too much for him right now.
Thank you again for letting me have him!!!!


Juno adopted


Matilda, Molly
Matilda Molly adopted


Marshmellow, Max, Murphy, Mo
Marshmellow Max Murphy
Mo adopted


Pippy & Paisley
Pippy Paisley adopted


Cici adopted


Clinton adopted

Hi Elaine,
Just wanted you to know that Chaco is doing great. He's been very tired after the trip but snuggles with me every night and is now potty-trained. He knows to wait until we go outside and only had a few accidents in the house (understandably!). We're in love with him & just wanted you to know. Take care and thanks again for talking with us & taking care of him!


Bo & Brooklyn
Bo Brooklyn adopted


Susie Susie adopted


Paisley, Popeye, Pippy, Parker, & Patty Cake
Paisley Popeye Pippy
Parker Patty adopted


Woody Woody adopted


Lilly Lilly adopted



Angelina (formerly Kesia)
Angelina Angelina Angelina
Kesia adopted

Hello Elaine-
I am so sorry I did not get back to you quicker. We were out in the back yard with the Angeline (Kesia) from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Immediately the neighborhood kids came to greet her and she was not left alone for two seconds all day. She had 5 kids doting over her for 8 hours. When it was time to come inside she was very apprehensive about being in the house. She seemed very timid, scared and unsure. But shortly after she found her favorite spot in the kitchen until we all went to bed. Joe and I brought her crate up to our room because she whimpered and cried when alone. Once she was with us she went staright to sleep and slept straight through the night. We purchased one of those new crates that are little on the fancy side with a purple velour rug. Once she realized she was with us for the night she slept straight through. She is everything you said she would be and more. I can't thank you enough for approving our application. I have attached some pictures. If you don't mind I will keep in touch and keep you updated on her progress.
Once again thank you.
The Cogoni Family


Lacey, Lily, Lulu, Lenny
Lacey Lily
Lulu Lenny adopted


Jackson Jackson adopted


Hannah adopted


Kesia, Kane, Kayla, Kasper, Kyle, Kashmir, Kaleb, Khaki, & Kilo
Kesia Kane Kayla
Kasper Kyle Kashmir
Kaleb Khaki Kilo adopted


Oscar adopted


Hershey adopted


Zorro & Zeke
Zorro Zeke adopted


Derby (update!)
Derby Derby adopted

Hi Holly,
Just wanted to let you know that she is the best dog ever! She is doing great. We take her to dog classes, and our instructor tells us that she doesn't even need them. I could go on and on about her. We just wanted to thank you again.
Scott and Eileen


Jasmine, JoJo, Jasper, Julie
Jasmine Jasper Jojo
Julie adopted


Boscoe (update!)
Boscoe Boscoe Boscoe adopted

Hi Elaine,
Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to send you some pictures of Boscoe. We love him so much and our other dog, Kiley, is so happy.


Evan, Eden, Edie, Ethan
Evan Eden Eddie Ethan adopted


Rudy adopted


Annie, Axle, Aggie, Abby, Ajax
Annie Axle Aggie Abby
Ajax adopted

Hi Vicky,
I just wanted to let you know that Aussie (formerly Axle) arrived today and everything went absolutely great. After a short period of shyness and being a bit disoriented he really started to warm up and become playful. He seemed to really enjoy pestering our other dog Haley and I think she might of liked it as well. He is safe and sound and we are really grateful for everything you guys do. We are so happy to be able to adopt him and give him a loving home.
Thanks again,


Hi Vicky,
Everything went great, It took Abby about 1 minute to take over the house. She seems to like her new home, she really likes running around on the sofa. She has played with just about every toy we have an seems very smart. She already will play fetch and release when she returns. She saw herself in the oven, I'm not sure she knows what to make of that yet she stops to look every time she passes by. The only bad thing so far is her getting up on my end table and drinking my ice tea. and this has all been in the first 30 minutes.Can't wait to see what's next. By the way she is a beautiful pup. And it was love at first sight.
Thanks for everything,


Ajax has arrived. He's adjusting very well. And boy is he smart as a whip. He already knows sit. No problem at all with walking on a leash. Thank you very much for all the help in adopting him. I'll be sure to send photos when he gets abit older.


Molly adopted


Buster adopted


Little Girl
Little adopted


Roy adopted


Jethro adopted


Brody (update)
Brody Brody adopted

I just wanted to thank you and all your support staff that rescued Brody from underneath a house. He is now living happily in MA. Our family is loving every minute with him. He is a joy. Keep up the good work. It really makes a difference in the dogs lives and well as the lives of the families that adopt them.
Thanks again,


Beebe, Berra, Brody
Beebee Berra Brody adopted


Nikki adopted


Smiley Riley (update!)
Riley Riley Riley adopted

Hello Elaine,
Here are some new photos of Riley I took this morning while walking her. She's doing great and has really come around. She's getting around the house, much more playful and has become very comfortable. Riley also stayed at her first Hotel. We took a trip to Boston for work and I booked us into a hotel that is pet friendly. You will notice that in the hotel photo there was a welcome sign for Riley next to a bowl full of treats. Just wanted you to know that Riley is doing quite well and I love the heck out of her.


Rusty (update!)
Rusty Rusty adopted

Rusty is doing fine. He is very good with our children and plays nicely with our corgi. We believe he has some beagle and terrier in him, and thus particular interest in cats. He is getting better with our cat Cabbage and she is getting used to him, too.
Thanks again for Rusty, he is a great dog.


Benna adopted


Ruby (formerly Frida)
Frida Ruby adopted

Dear Paul, Vicky and all of the amazing volunteers at the Jefferson County Humane Society,
I just wanted to give you all an update that Frida has been with us in California for a little over a week, and she is happy as a clam and my three boys are completely smitten with her. Frida / Ruby knows her name, follows us all around like glue, has been on long walks around the neighborhood and goes to pick up the boys at school and LOVES getting petted and doted on by all of the other children. In fact, she is so darned sweet, that lots of people have already asked me where we got her and I have been giving you all lots of referrals!
My three boys have declared Ruby the "best dog ever" and they call her "Soho's sister," who was our 14 year old black lab mix who died a year ago.
Best regards and sincerest thanks, Laura P. and sons
Berkeley, CA


Diamond Jim (formerly Chi Chi)
Jimmy Jimmy Chichi adopted


Harrison adopted


Reese Reese Reese adopted

Hi Elaine,
Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving. Just wanted to send you an update..... Reese is doing well. And mischievous! He is snagging my son's socks and my daughter's stuffed animals every chance he gets, and he trots by as if saying, try to catch me! Even took his fuzzy pjs one day. Very funny, and my son thinks it's a riot. The good news for me is that we're all learning not to leave our clothes on the floor! He had his second set of shots on Friday and had to stay quiet this weekend. He seems a bit tired but not too sick. He is enjoying the snow and bounds around like a jackrabbit. I can't wait until we can let him off-leash to play somewhere in it! And oh, we finally heard him bark for the first time this weekend! Guess he is feeling like he has a job to do now :) He loves the kids and tries to comfort them when they get hurt. He gets concerned when he hears them cry. He spends all day with me and goes with me everywhere. He finally learned to jump in the back of the SUV - we met up with a friend with 2 dogs and walked them for a half-hour together. They'll have playdates when he's done, so we're getting them acquainted now. My friend's dog jumped into my SUV when I opened the hatch, so we had her do that a few times. Next minute Reese jumped up himself so I gave him tons of treats. Now he goes in both the front seat and the back, makes life easier for us. He still gets car sick, though, poor guy. But he still runs to the door when I put on shoes to make sure he's going with us. Another interesting thing.... I have a neighbor who is terrified of dogs, but she actually patted Reese since he's so calm!
So that's the update. We're loving him!


Heather adopted



Emma (update)
Emma Emma adopted

Vicki & Holly,
Thank you so much for the beautiful dog. She's even more beautiful in person. The kids love her so much. She is so friendly and smart. Thanks again for beautiful Emma.


Nina, Nike, Neno, & Nelson
Nina Nike Neno
Nelson adopted


Eli adopted


Scully (formerly Bertha)
Bertha Scully Scully adopted

Just thought I would let you know Scully is now healthy at about 27 pounds. She is having lots of fun in Oregon going on lots of hikes and making lots of friends! Thanks for everything you do!


Scarlett, Stella
Scarlett Stella adopted


Scooter adopted


Jyn adopted


Cozy, Carol
Cozy Carol adopted


Missy adopted

Happy New Year!
We are thoroughly enjoying our little Missy. She is really coming into her own these last few days! She sure has a lot of personality for such a peanut! When we saw her tail wag for the first time (of course it was when she heard the dry food rattle in the canister), we all but cried. We have our little routines down for the most part. She still growls at Gus, but 2 mins later she will seek him out and lick his hand, matter! Oh, and she has learned to "sit" on command. Must have been in her history, because she picked it up pretty quickly. We've purchased a longer leash because she loves to romp and run on a whim, and we can't keep up! I bring her to a small gated play yard (local preschool) and let her off leash to run. She's a hoot to watch in the snow!
Hope this email finds you are well.


Bella & Kona (formerly Rumour & Scout)
KonaBella Rumour Scout adopted


Mariah (update)
Mariah Mariah adopted

Hello Vicky,
I just wanted to let you know that our Mariah is doing wonderful in her new "forever" home with her little sister, Lassie. She has plenty of room to play inside and outside and has tons and tons of energy. She is sweet as can be, yet very protective which is great she'll be a marvelous watchdog!! Her favorite past-time is snuggling with us on the sofa or right between us in our bed!! She mastered potty training in just two weeks time, unlike Lassie ha ha!! She's also doing better with her harness and leash. Thanks again for everything Vicky!!!
Love Geneva, Mark, Mariah and Lassie


Traveler adopted


Ebony adopted


Abbey (formerly Greta, now & then)
Abbey Abbey Abbey adopted

Hi Holly-
Sorry it has taken so long to send you an update on Abbey (Greta). We have had her for 9 months and can’t imagine our family without her. People always laugh when we tell them she is a “dachsador”, our designer dachshund/lab! She is full of energy and constantly tries to get the cat to play with her; which he wants no part of. She is the perfect size at 37 pounds and loves riding in the front seat of my car. She’s full of energy—doing her “hot runs” on the front lawn she looks like a greyhound---low to the ground and FAST. It seems as though a day doesn’t go by where she doesn’t make us laugh. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work!
Janna M.


Tellie (update)
Tellie Tellie adopted


Tutu, Torc, Tulip, Trixie, Tozzie, Tinker, Tellie, Tosca & Trinia
Tulip Trixie Tozzie Tinker
Tellie Trinia Trinia adopted


Tressa Tressa adopted

We just wanted to say thank you and to let you know she arrived safely. Already a football fan:)


Cherry & her puppies
Cherry Constance Constance Cherry
Cherry Cherry Cherry adopted


Billy Bob
Billy Billy Billy adopted

Here is an update, Billy is now weighing in at 40 pounds at 6 months old, he is the sweetest dog we have ever had the privilege of sharing our lives with. He is so gentle, our granddaughter, who is 13 months old, walks him around the house on a the dog leash, and he is very very nice about it. They love each other.
Janet O.


Harlow adopted

Hi Vicky,
Harlow is doing great! We are calling her Mela. She is a neat little dog and fits right in with the pack. She was panicked at first when we would leave her but now, just hangs out with the rest. It is so nice to have a pack for her to play with and learn from. She is a peach! Thank you so much for answering my inquiry about her.


Puddles (formerly Prissy)
Puddles Puddles
Puddles Puddles Prissy adopted

Sorry it's taking me so long to send a few photos of Puddles but since I've got her I've got another puppy for her to play with, so here we go again, cleaning and all of that. Thank you and take care. Happy Thanksgiving!
Sincerly the O'Barrs


Foster (update)
Foster Foster Foster adopted

Hi Everyone,
I had been waiting to send an email when I had better pictures, but like everyone else these days, I have lots of pictures, just undeveloped. I wanted to let everyone know that Foster has been doing great!! We had brought in a trainer from the electric fence company, who worked with Foster for 4 weeks on how NOT to cross the electric fence. It took a bit of training- he is a big dog and the fence didn't seem to bother him. Now, he is clear on his boundaries. He doesn't go anywhere near the road (yeah!!) He found (which isn't hard to find) the pond out back. He plays and plays and plays in the pond. He digs for sticks. How he can find so many sticks is a wonder to us, but he does. When it was warmer he would go there for hours and sit in the muddy part, he loved it. He has stopped jumping on people and will respond to basic commands. He still LOVES riding in the car every chance he gets. It's funny when I take him in my car. (My dog - a weimerainer fits just fine), but this big guy doesn't fit so well. He sits with his front part in the backseat and his backside in the back part of the car- he doesn't mind- as long as he's going somewhere. The kids have been calling him Frosty, which is cute, one little one calls him Oatmeal, not too sure why. He is a great dog and just what my in-laws needed. He follows my FIL around the yard, keeps my MIL company when she's alone. He plays well with the kids and looks forward to them.... dropping food:-) He rarely barks and when he does it's a deep, nice sounding WOOF. Thank you so much for this super companion- so glad you saved him. Sorry about all the confusion in the beginning, but he is doing wonderfully.
Maria K.


Cici adopted


Tucker Tucker
Tucker Tucker adopted

Hi Velda,
I hope you are having a great Halloween in Arkansas! It's windy and not too cold here, kids up here have to wear mittens when they go trick or treating usually! Tucker is doing fantastic and we love him so much already. Here he is keeping guard over his sister on one of their many hikes in the woods behind our house. He is so good, already knows sit and stay quite well and working on more. He and my daugther are inseperable and since she is an only child, he has become such a great friend and playmate to her. We could not be happier, he exceeded our hopes! Thanks again, will keep you posted.
Best wishes,


Jackson (formerly Brownie)
Jackson Jackson Brownie adopted

Hi everyone,
Just another update on "Brownie". We actually changed his name to Jackson when he arrived! He is doing awesome and we adore him. He is attending puppy school now, we did a few private lessons and joined a class and the trainer can't believe how lucky we are to have him. He loves to please and is very obedient. We have done some agility training and off leash training in class, which we both have a lot of fun with. We installed a fence so he is now able to roam the yard, although he loves to eat anything so we still need to keep a very close eye on him. He is also a very social dog and is getting along great with our other dog, Sparky and enjoys "playdates" with other dogs in the neighborhood. Jackson has brought back the puppy in Sparky, which is great to see.
Thank you again, we can't begin to tell you how much joy he brings us!
Becky L.


Blackie adopted


Paisley (formerly Rosie)
Rosie adopted

Hi Elaine,
We had a wonderful weekend with Paisley. We just love her!!!! Even our cats are enjoying her and this morning one of our younger cats was planning with her!!! She acts like she is potty trained in that she has yet to make a mess in the house. I keep her crate in my bedroom at night so that she can see me. She has slept very soundly both nights. I just ordered another dog bed from LL Bean to keep in my home office. I spend quite a bit of time working from the house so she is not in her crate very often. My daughters and I also loaded up on all sorts of nyla bones and dog toys for her toy box to keep her busy. She runs around the house transporting them from room to room. Very cute. I just wanted to give you an update. I will e-mail photos as soon as my daughter uploads them on the computer. Also, you were right about the traveling truck that she arrived in. What a beautiful set up. It really was emotional seeing all those beautiful dogs come down the ramp. Quite a few of us had tears. Thank you for all the good you do for homeless animals. I'll keep in touch. I hope you place her litter mates soon.


BamBam adopted


Butch (now & then)
Butch Butch Butch adopted

Hi Vicky, Holly, and Laura -
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know Butch made it to his new home here with us in Napa. He's getting acquainted with his new canine siblings and doing really well. Moose is sooooo excited to have a playmate and companion. What a sweet boy Butch is too! And his paperwork and rabies tag arrived a couple days before he did so we have everything we need to get him set up with vet care.
Thank you again for all you guys do!


Ellie adopted


Renee & Rosie
Renee Rosie adopted


Missy (formerly Hattie)
Hattie adopted

Thanks for finding me a home!
Love, Missy!
Bill B.


Zoey (formerly Brandy)
Zoey brandy adopted

My family and I were going to adopt a dog named Buttercup she was a mixed yellow lab, but instead we adopted a wonderful black lap her name was Brandy. Brandy was two months old. It ended up to be our destiny to adopt her. When she arrived to California she ran out of her cage and came running towards us with her tail wagging and she was smiling. She weighed only 8.4 pounds. Now she is my 68 pound lab mixed loving water dog Who loves the beach and playing fetch.
Lauren R.


Kerby (formerly Speckles)
Kerby Sandy adopted

All went well in San Francisco picking up our baby. He was really tired and slept most of the time on my lap coming back home. Our other dog Kacy likes her new brother and slept in the back seat with him after my lap wore out. He is going to be a great addition to our family. He will see the ocean tomorrow when we go to the beach. Actually, he has seen more of the U.S. than I have and he is only 6 months old. Thanks so much!

Today is the one month anniversary of adopting Kerby (Speckles) and we are sooooo happy with him! Your husband was right, he is a smart boy and learning all his commands including hand signals. Still a bit shy but coming around nicely. Three weeks after he arrived I lost my baby girl Kacy due to cancer. She was the border collie in the photo I sent you. Had Kerby not been here to keep us busy with his antics, Gary and I would have remained the basket cases we were from losing our baby. Kerby has been our little gift from God.
Thank you for everything once again. Cindy


Cozy adopted


Moose (now & then)
Moose Moose Fritz adopted

Hi Holly,
I've attached a couple pix of Moose so you can see how's he's grown... the pix with my niece was taken just last weekend.


Melody adopted


Pamela adopted


Kodiak (update)
Kodiak Kodiak Kodiak adopted

HHi Holly, and Margie,
Kodiak is doing fine and growing so fast. I think he is about 17 lbs. now but I will know for sure when he goes to the vet on Tuesday. He met the family, humans and canines and everyone is getting along great. Even Isabella the cat has given her approval. He sleeps from 10pm to 5am which I think is great for his age. He loves his walks in the woods and follows our German Shepherd who walks in front of him. She is off lead but he is on lead. He likes to carry a stick in his mouth which is good because then he can't just snatch up a fox tail. He will have all his shots by October 15th and then he can go to puppy kindergarten. I will send better photos soon.


Maggie & Magic
Maggie Magic adopted

Maggie is here safe and doing great. She is potty training well and is very happy. I'll send a picture and update in a few months!
Thanks again for her.


Muffin adopted


Darby (update)
Darby Darby adopted

Hi Holly,
I just wanted to update you on Darby. I promised you I would. She has grown twice as big since we picked her up, and she has adjusted really well since we brought her home. I'll attach a recent photo so you can see her size. We can't wait for the first snowfall so we can see what she does with it.


Fodi adopted


Milo adopted


Shiloh adopted


Lilly adopted


Billy Billy adopted

Hi All,
Billy is a joy to all of us. He has so much energy!! He now sleeps with us…Seems like we can not feed him enough. He went from 13 pounds to 18 pound in one week…..He is looking so good and is so happy. You can see it in his eyes!!
Best regards,
The Oates


Kodiak adopted

Kodiak arrived on time to a smoky Los Angeles. He was in fine shape and ready for fun. We walked and watered him and drove about an hour to North Hollywood where he met his human and canine cousins. He had a chance to play in the grass and relax and then it was back to the highway north to the mountains and thankfully away from the smoke. We arrived home to the cool mountain air and his canine sister Dakota and feline sister Isabella. All went well. We have been taking him out to the yard where he does his business on cue. He just received some lovin' from the neighbors and is doing great. Thank you all for making it all happen.
With gratitude,


Zia adopted


Socks adopted


Melly adopted

Hi Holly and Terence,
I just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on Melly. It's been a week now since she came to her forever home and she is just divine. She is such a sweet puppy and amazingly well behaved. We're happy to see that she is getting a little spunkier and having fun chasing balls and rubber chickens and loves going on walks. Thank you so much for making it possible to add her to our family - we love her so much!


Samuel adopted


Mayah adopted


Mario, Marshall, & Mixer
Mario Marshall Mixer adopted


Fernie (formerly Beebop, now & then)
Fernie Fernie Fernie adopted

I got 'beebop' now Fernie last year in July... she is the most wonderful affectionate well behaved dog in the entire neighborhood... thank you for this wonderful addition to my life.


Penelope adopted

We can't thank you enough for sending us Penelope, she is a doll. Our other 2 dogs are slowly warming up to her. She sleeps with my daughter every night so cozy on the bed. Seeing all those dogs coming off the transport was wonderful. There were about 20 people there, with cameras and videos, some were crying, they were so happy to get their new babies. I will send pictures soon.
Thank you again,
Mary and Roger F.


Darby, Derrick, Duncan
Darby Derrick Duncan adopted

Hi Holly,
I wanted to let you know Darby is adjusting to life at her new home. She follows my MinPin Riley around the house, and the cat is still scared of her, but they have met. Let me know if you want me to keep you updated on how she's doing.
Thanks again,

Duncan is well! We love having him so much. I will pass on your email!


Takota adopted

Got him this morning. Transport was right on time and we are very happy with the dog.
Thanks again, Gus


Tatty, Tanner
Tatty Tanner adopted


Sammy (formerly Hilton)
Sammy Hilton adopted

Hi Holly,
Hilton (now Sammy) is a wonderful addition to our family. Otto, our senior, just loves him! They play like a couple puppies. Suzie's a little jealous, but she is warming up to him. His gentle, calm nature is exactly what we were looking for since Otto is a senior, and Suzie is so submissive. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We had been looking for weeks, checking so many shelters, but our shelters are full of pit bulls and a black lab was seeming impossible to find. Rest assured that Hilton will have a wonderful life full of love.
Thank you again.
Lesli B.


Preston adopted

Hi Holly,
We took Preston home last night. So far he is doing nicely. He got a bath last night and slept quietly in his crate and sat by the door when he wanted out--such an easy puppy. My in-laws are going to stop by a couple of times today to check on him while we are at work to make sure he isn't getting into trouble. I've also made him a well puppy visit Saturday to get him checked out and microchipped (I assume he hasn't been already?). We'll see about some training classes next. He seems pretty well socialized and was great with other dogs and our 2 boys.


Brownie Brownie adopted

Hi Vicky and Holly,
Just a quick note to update you on Brownie. He arrived safe and sound and we love him already (-: Here are a few pictures of him with some of our family. If you like we can periodically update you. Thanks for all you do!
Becky L.


Foxy (formerly Precious)
Precious adopted

Precious is now named Foxy. She is awesome. She is such a good dog. She isn't shy anymore and everyday is getting to act more like a puppy. She misses Randi (another of our Jeffco dogs and her foster) though. She used to snuggle up to her at night in the crate, now she is not in the crate anymore and she sleeps with my daughter or during the day snuggles up to our Pug-Pearl. The vet said she was Papillon/ Chi mix. That explains the big ears.


Boots, Sheba
Boots Sheba adopted


conrad adopted


Jimbob & Junebug
Jimbob Junebug adopted


Eva (now & then)
Eva Eva Eva adopted


Susie, Sam
Susie Sam adopted


Sandy, Sharky, Shelly, & Salty
Sandy Sharky Shelly Salty adopted


Jersey adopted


Starsky adopted


Waylan, Winston, Wayfare, Wirth, Wanda & Wallace
Waylon Winston Wayfare Wirth
Wanda Wallace adopted


Elvis (formerly Jackson)
Elvis Elvis Jackson adopted

Hi Everyone,
Cheryl, the kids and I hiked out to Oxfor, MA Friday night to meet a very handsome 80 lb. Black & Tan Coonhound, originally from Arkansas. He showed the girls right away that he has no idea how big he is by knocking McKenna over. Minor meltdown, but she got over it when he tackled her mother with a bear hug & kisses a minute later! Upon Callie & McKenna's approval, the artist formerly known as Jackson hopped in the car with us and came home to Norton. He is a goofball, stubborn, and clumsy sometimes but knows what he's doing and is soooooo gentle.
Hope you all get to meet him soon and be sure I'll have more silly pictures as he lets me.
Lisa B.


Precious adopted


Shania adopted


Lucky, Langly, Leo, Luther, London, Leeds, Lewjack, & Lyndon
Lucky Langly Leo Luther
London Leeds Lewjack Lyndon

Hi Holly,
Well, it took the boys a while to decide on a name for Lyndon. They went with Rexy - like the dinosaur in Night at the Museum. :-)
He is doing great!
Thanks again!!!
Sharon Q.


Katie adopted


Maddox & Midnight
Maddox Precious adopted


Huey, Holly, Hobart, Heather & Hannah
Huey Holly Hobart Heather
Hannah adopted


Mirabelle adopted


Baby Cakes & Lou-Lou
Baby Cakes Lou-lou adopted


Polly, Panda, & Patches
Polly Panda Patches adopted


Sally Sue
Sallysue adopted

Hi Vicky and All,
Sally Sue is doing very well and is a great addition to our family. She's as much as a member of our family as our other pets -- and that's saying a lot.
Thank you,
Helen S.


Kona (formerly Tippi, see below)
Tippi adopted

Hi Holly,
Here is a current photo my 6-year-old son took of Tippi, whose name we changed to Kona after the coffee. We love her so much ! She is so sweet and friendly. She is starting teenage puppy class soon. I'm glad Mary, her mom, finally was adopted!


Pebbles adopted


Biscuit (formerly Leah)
Biscuit Biscuit adopted

Here are a couple more recent photos of Biscuit. As you can tell she has grown alot! At 6 months she weighed 57 pounds and she's still growing. Biscuit is currently in puppy class at our local Pet Smart; she is doing well but can be a bit stubborn. Biscuit would rather play with the other dogs than learn her lesson.


Mattie (before & after photos)
Mattie Mattie adopted

I just read Mattie's (the Shih Tzu) story. It is horrible that she has been through so much. It just isn't fair. I too am doing work with an animal shelter. I am a volunteer in Monicello. Right now, I am fostering 3 small puppies. I started out with 4 puppies and their mother. The mother passed away the first night in my home. I was left bottle feeding the puppies. This past Wednesday, one passed away. It really is a hard job and I didn't realize the amount of time and money that was involved before getting started.. Unfortunately, I am limited to money for now. I wish I could do more to help out. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the hard work you, and all other workers and volunteers, are doing. It isn't an easy job but someone has to do it and it takes a very loving person to do it. If I were able to make a donation at this time, I would. Until I am, I just wanted to let you know that my prayers are going out for you. I thank God that he made people that are willing to do what others won't do and that will go even further and do the extraordinary for these animals. You truly are a miracle to them and to others like me that are in need of inspiration.
Kelly H.


Greta (before & after photos)
Greta Greta
Greta Greta adopted


Shelby adopted


Brenna adopted


Corbin, Cora, Crystal, & Cracker
Corbin Cora Crystal
Cracker adopted


Mamie & Mercy
Mamie Mercy adopted


Sam adopted


Coal adopted

Hi Vicky,
We recieved the paperwork a few days ago, thank you! Coal is so sweet and adorable, we are very happy to have him. Thank you Vicky, for doing such a wonderful job with Coal. He's everything and more that we ask for. Thanks again for everything!


Mary adopted


Sally adopted


Blueberry adopted


Moose (formerly Fritz)
Moose adopted

Hello Holly,
Fritz is doing great and getting bigger by the day - he's over 25lbs now. He's such a big guy we've taken to calling him "Moose" He goes everywhere with John and we'll be glad when he gets his last puppy shots on Tuesday so we can take him out to socialize with more people and other pups. You guys are doing the work of angels and I hope to be able to help once we get well and settled in at Grandma's house (sometime in next 6 months) - 1/2 acre fenced yard, covered deck, with plenty of room for puppies to romp. Until then, keep me on the e-mail list when you need fosters and if we can, we will!


Logan (update)
Logan Logan adopted

Hi there!
Here are a few pictures of Logan. He’s growing pretty fast so we try to get pictures every few days. Logan is a great dog and we think he is adjusting well. He is super smart. He was housebroken after about a week. We just started taking him to doggy daycare once a week so that he can play with other dogs since he seems to miss having doggy playmates. I think we’ll have to get him a playmate once we have him trained. He’s still teething but I see some big dog teeth coming in.
Thanks again for the great puppy!
Norma and Eric


Patches & Micah
Patches Micah adopted


Trixie adopted


Happy adopted


Leo adopted


Freeway adopted


Layla & Bruin (formerly Percy)
Ziva Ziva adopted

Hi there!
Just a quick note your way to send a couple of pics so you can see how huge the "kids" are. As you can see, they still love each other! They really are wonderful. Today, Layla is going to training class with me. She is the more stubborn of the two, but still very sweet. They love to run on the beach.
Hope all is well in your world!


Karlos, Koury, Krayon, Kameron, KoosKoos, KiKi, Kab, Kruise, and Kendon
Karlos Koury Krayon Kameron
Kooskoos Kiki Kab Kruise
Kendon adopted


Samson adopted


Ziva adopted


Brie (formerly Brooks)
Brie adopted

Hi Elaine,
Thought you might like to see a picture of Brie on her 1st birthday. This was taken at Xmas but I gave her March 1st as a birthday. Hope all is well and you're taking care of lots of fosters. You sure did wonders with my Brie.
Thank you,


Montana (formerly McDougal)
Montana adopted

Hello everyone-
Wanted to give u a quick update on our puppy. He is doing great with us! He and our 4 year old son are best friends! He has started obedience school and is doing very well. He is really a great dog and we love him. He loves people and taking walks in the woods with his big cousin Jake (a labordoodle). As you can tell from the pictures he is already a big boy! Already 48lbs at 7 months!
Thank you again for everything!!
Michelle C.


Arkie adopted


Lucy adopted


Lil Bit
Lilbit adopted


Goldie, Godfrey Gordie, Gigi, Grant, Greta, & Gayla
Goldie Godfrey Gordy Gigi
Grant Greta Gayla adopted

We can never thank you enough for the addition to our family. We can't go anywhere without everyone stopping to ask us the mix of our dog Goldie and then they go on and on complimenting how soft, beautiful, playful, and obedient she is...we could not have recieved a more perfect dog for our family! She has gone from our small sleepy little ball of fur to nearly 30 lbs of non-stop energy now. We will always be thankful and hope to be able to be supportive of your efforts to rescue more pups soon!
-Carolyn and Family


Addy, Rumour, & Scout
Addy Rumour Scout adopted

We're happy to say that little Miss. Abby has become incredibly attached to our family and us to her. She really is a great little puppy, very affectionate!
Thank you for your help,
Kim and James K.


bacall adopted

We love Becall, although the kids changed her name to Bella, she does not seem to mind at all, she comes to Bella. She is very shy and we are hoping she will come out of her shell. She is trying to get to know our little girl Paris, (Pomeranian/Chihuahua) she just does not know her strength and has been a little rough, but Paris puts her in her place and I am sure they will work it out. I am a runner so she has been on a run with me twice now, she poops out about half way through, but I am sure she will get better as she becomes more fit.
We are enjoying her and hoping she will love us too!



jerry adopted

Jerry was sent to California from Arkansas for a better chance at finding a home, and was quickly adopted by Mr. Andrew B. who was visiting from New York and saw Jerry at a farmers market adoption day. So Jerry now has a loving home in New York and a few thousand frequent flyer miles saved up! Thanks Mr. B!


Priscilla adopted


Butterfly adopted


Preslie adopted


Brutus & Buster
Brutus Buster adopted


Sookie adopted


Ernie, Frank, Fritz, Heidi, Prissy, Tippi, Susie
Ernie Frank Fritz Heidi
Prissy Tippi Susie adopted


What a joy! Ernie is home. It didn't take long for him to adjust . . . what he wanted was water, hugs, and a bath. Then a nice cuddle & snooze. Woke up curious, open & friendly. After a tour of the yard (where he was about an inch by David's heels) he was feeling at home. Another snooze under the Steinway - to David's delight - more water, and lunch. Introduction to his new toy was hysterical - what a happy puppy.
Ernie absolutely reflects the loving care that began his life. He has so much love to return! Today was lovely, and with the promise of a deluge on Monday, we took him to the Bark Park (small dog side). He is definitely socialized - had a blast! All the dogs and their owners made a fuss over him. He had his first fling at chasing tennis balls, and proudly pranced around with each one he managed to get his jaws around. This is one very stable dog. Sound asleep the moment the car started up to go home.
It's obvious that Ernie has already made laughter & love resound in David's heart and home. He is very attached to David - even in the Bark Park he'd run to David and give his shoes a lick at each run around.
We can't thank you enough for your ministry.

Auntie Tina


Hello Holly,

Just a quick note to let you know Fritz and all of Mary's puppies made it to SFO without incident and were met by their new owners and fosters. Margie sure picked up a big brood too! Fritz is doing great and adjusting to his new home and John (hubby) stayed up most of the night getting him acclimated and montoring his interactions with my two senior Pekes. Everyone did just fine and Fritz even learned how to use the doggy door already.

And now we have three "kids"....Thank you!
Cheryl M.


Hi Holly,

We love Tippi! She arrived safely at SFO and is enjoying playing with my kids and being a part of our family. I will send you some pictures soon. Thank you again for letting us adopt her!



Wagner adopted


Jax Jax adopted

We adopted Georgie (now Jax) this summer after we got married and we are so happy with the decision to adopt from you! We wanted a german shepard and my husband found his picture on the website. He showed me the picture and knew I couldn't say no. Within a few days we had a new puppy! He has grown so much since then. He's about six months now and well over 50 pounds. He and his sister (our rat terrier, Molly) have lots of fun playing ALL you can see from the picture!! They both live inside with us, but they also love running and playing in the backyard. Jax has been wonderful. He is a very well behaved, smart, sweet and loving dog. We look forward to many more wonderful years with Jax in the future.

Thanks again,
Kyle & Haley W.


Toby (update!)
Toby adopted

I thought I would share this special moment with you. I took Toby, who is now huge by the way, to see Santa at a fund raiser for our local shelter, the picture turned out fabulous so I thought that I would pass it along.
I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and wish you wellness into the new year.

Katie T.


Angel adopted

Dear Mama Tana,
Happy New Year! I am writing to let you know I am just fine. Mama Linda, Casey, Taylor, and Grandma Moe take very good care of me and I feel loved. Mom tells me I am stubborn sometimes and could listen a little better but sometimes I am just having so much fun it's hard, especially at the doggy park. She also tells me I am a very good girl, too smart for my own good, and that I am beautiful. She tells me everything you told her about me is absolutely true and she is grateful to have me. She is lucky and I am a lucky dog too! Thank you for sending me to Mama Linda and family I love them so much, but I also want you to know how much I love you. Mom says you and your friends do wonderful things for the other dogs and animals in Arkansas and around the country and that I am a perfect example of your love, kindness and hard work. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Will you please try to come and see me?
Love to you and all my friends in Arkansas,
Angel in California


Jake adopted


Chloe adopted


sonny adopted


George adopted


Skylar adopted


Captain Jack
captain adopted


midge adopted


sophie adopted


Zoey adopted


Percy adopted


Sophie (formerly Jessie)
Jessie Jessie adopted

Hi Holly and Vicky!

We LOVE our new puppy and I wanted to give you an update. She is such a sweet and loving puppy. She is also a very smart dog, and we feel so blessed that she will now be with us forever. I wanted to also be sure and thank you all again for all that you have done to make this possible for our family. We have selected our vet, and she will be seen next week for her shots and a check up. This week we decided to have her at home to get adjusted and secure with us.
Please stay in touch if you would like!

A very warm thanks again,
Lynn K.


Rascal adopted

I am so happy with "Rascal", who is now named Argus and who is also such a joy. I am telling everyone who asks about my beautiful sweet puppy about your shelter and how wonderful you all are out there. I am also especially happy that Katie ("Rascal"'s foster mom there in Arkansas) took such amazing care of my little boy. You can really tell that he was showered with love.

Thank you again, and please know that I will be donating $35 by Monday.
Margie G.


Otto (formerly Brady, see below)
Otto Otto Otto adopted


Here are the photos of Otto I keep meaning to send you. He's getting so big! The kids are enjoying him so much as Todd and I are too. He plays with Buddy and is behaving well. He follows Buddy all over the yard and is learning good behavior from him. We drive out of our gate and he stays put until the gate closes behind us. He knows he has a good home! Hope all is well with you and will keep in touch.

Todd, Megan, Emma and Kyle....and Granny Beryl too!


lugnut adopted


Happy adopted


Jonas (now Rocco)
Jonas Jonas adopted

Jonas (now Rocco) arrived in Miami on time and he jumped in the car and off we went.
The reason for this email is to inform you that he is a very happy dog and you can tell he is excited about his home. Tomorrow he will have his first swimming lesson on the dog beach. After that he will socialize with the other dogs that live here. Key West has a designated dog park that is across from the beach.
For now, he lives on a beautiful tropical island and is truly loved. Thanks again,
Jay, Mike and Jin Murphy


HI Vicky
The dog I adopted from you is the best dog in the whole world. His name is Rocco, formerly in your care he was Jonas, He knows all of his basic commands and can walk on or off leash. He comes on whistle or hand signals. His is healthy and does not give us a minutes' trouble. He rides in the back of our pickup wherever we go and rides in the boat like he did it all of his life. He enjoys swimming and just being a dog.
Jay Murphy


hershey adopted


Murphy adopted


ranger adopted


Brooks adopted

Hi Elaine,

Brie has settled in beautifully. They call her the club mascot where I work. When I have back to back trainings with clients, she goes out running with the running club. She's a champ. Everyone loves her. She is beginning to love my boyfriend although she had a couple accidents at his home last night. Opps. She is just not used to his house so we need to make a plan. I just love her. Thank you for everything you did to make this a wonderful part of my family. Hopefully she will warm up to my son when he comes home for Xmas. His feelings were a little hurt because she was shy with him. It will take time.

Hope your holidays are peaceful and healthy,
Diane M.


Kalie Rae (formerly Quilter, see below)
Kalie Rae adopted

Hi Holly,
Here is update on Kalie Rae Thomas! She has brought much joy to our lives. She is completely spoiled rotten! She has 2 areas just for her in the house. We have a penned area in the living room and she sleeps in a soft crate in my daughters room. We discovered that we have a very active toddler dog! :-) We will be sitting on the couch inside and see her zip by the window with a ball then a few minutes later she zips back the other way with her bowl or some other object she found in the yard. This past summer we discovered that she loves the pool. She will jump right in and swim to you! She is finally getting it that when the pool cover is on, it is off limits!

Thank you again for our KALIE RAE!
The Thomas Family


Toby (formerly Lucas, see below)
toby toby adopted


romeo adopted


sunflower adopted


Bunnie Lou
bunnielou bunnielou adopted


Just wanted to let you know that Mike and I adopted Bunnie Lou from her foster home this weekend. Thanks again for all your help and we promise to give her a loving home!

Take care,
Amy & Mike


Blackjack, Dubs, McDougal, Sergeant, Rae, Cosette, & Bunnie Lou
blackjack dubs mcdougal sergeant
rae cosette bunnie adopted

Hi Holly,

I am happy to report that Josie (formerly Cosette) is doing extremely well. She settled in and while still timid around new people, she warms up quickly and is very active and loves to play. We've already taught her to sit and she learned down yesterday! She seems like a very smart girl. She loves her puppy kong and can get all the kibble out of it a little too fast!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. These puppies are lucky to have someone like you to save them. I am interested in fostering and will let you know. Right now, I feel like my hands are full, so don't want to take on too much. I try to persuade some of my vet students friends to become fosters!



charlize adopted

Hi Holly and Margie,

Thought I would drop you a note about Charlize. She is a wonderful dog. The kids love her. She is very affectionate and had no problem coming into the house. Our neighbor has a retriever and the 2 of them play together all the time. I took her to the vet to get her heartworm meds and they said she looks great. Our family appreciates the work both of you do. I will send you a picture soon. The kids debated what to name her and finally agreed to shorten her name to Char.



scruffy adopted

Scruffy is a perfect match for us. He is sooo good. We did change his name though it is now "Hunter" because he loves to chase birds and squirrels. It took a couple of days for him to get used to it but he knows it now. He sleeps with me and gets mad at me if I don't take him with me on car rides. He loves to "go". Yes he is very handsome with a new do and we are going to buy him a costume for Halloween and take him with us trick or treating. Can' decide what he is going to be there are so many choices. I am glad you wrote to us I was going to write to you and tell you about him now that he is settled in.

Colista C.


willie adopted


dodger adopted


Reeses (formerly Star, see below)
reeses reeses adopted

Dear Holly, Margie and the rest of the gang at Jefferson Arkansas Humane Society,

Hello again! I just wanted to update you on the status of our puppy, Reeses, formally known as Star. She is 7 months old now, and hasn't lost one bit of her energy! With a toy in mouth, she is always play ready! When she's not taking a nap or chewing up her possessions, she likes to take walks, play fetch, take swims at the lake, and eat peanut butter! As you can tell, she is doing just fine here. Thank you all at the Jefferson Arkansas Humane Society for blessing us with such a wonderful bundle of joy (Reeses appreciates it too).

Best Regards,
Nancy H.


Eva adopted

Thank you for taking Eva in - she is just beautiful. Since I am unable to adopt - I would like to send sponsership for her - pay her fees - so that she can get to a home of her own. If this can be arranged - please tell me the amount needed and the paypal address to send it to.

Thank you in advance for all you do,
Terry B.
San Diego, CA


Callie Callie adopted

Callie is doing great, she loves to swim in our lake, and sleep on the bean bag, attached is a pic of her and of our family.


Harry adopted

Hi Vicki, Tana, and Holly!

I wanted to give you an update on Harry who is now called Brady. He is doing great! He's around 50lbs now and has such a personality. He loves people and loves going to the dog park. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog! I'm so glad that I adopted him and thank you all for rescuing him.



juliete adopted


roscoe adopted


Thunder adopted


Kosmo (now & then)
kosmo kosmo kosmo adopted

I thought I would update you on the happy adjustment and let you know all is good on the homefront. LOL cause he is a puppy he has been given a lil nickname "monster doggy" but golly he is the cutest lil guy and has brought us much joy and has helped in the healing of losing our beloved Klausie to cancer. I wanted to add that the link to Kosmo was dropped in my lap so to speak and I feel like Kosmo is definitely a gift from up above from our Klausie. I'm enclosing a pic or 2 of the lil rascal doggy Kosmo oh and LOL I wanted to add I know Petfinder site ad said he was a bassett hound shepard mix but we think he is a daschund/shepard mix~hehe.

Respectfully yours,
Michele and Rick


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